General Policy and Regulation

This website belongs to the ownership of Thien Ung Trading and Service Investment Company Limited, built for the purpose of introducing products. We don’t implement sale of product on this website as well as online delivery.

Accessing our website means that you agree with these terms and conditions. We change this policy and regulation for the benefit of customer and our company. Please follow to update this website’s policy and regulation here.

Product quality commitment

We commit to bring customers products with the best quality, in full compliance with product standards regulated by current laws. All products’ quality and management have been assessed by Customs Department and Department of Standards Metrology and Quality, ensuring that the products delivered safely customers’ hands are safe.

Product quality commitment:

  • All our alcohol products are with the alcohol concentration of more than 5%
  • All products have clear, transparent and genuine origin, imported directly form manufacturer.
  • We don’t sell fake, unauthentic and low quality products.
  • Our business is tightly controlled and managed together with the wine supplier and manufacturer.
  • We guarantee that each product is preserved in its original state.
  • We guarantee to return 100% payment if the product sold is of wrong origin and does not meet our commitment.
  • We provide all product information on store website to customer to search.
  • We commit to offer high class liquor lines that bring appropriate luxury to each customer.
  • We guarantee that all products have been strictly assessed by experienced professional before being put on shelf.
  • We are ready to provide 24/24 support by Hotline for all inquiry related to product and service quality.

Product Sale Commitment

  • We provide product in accordance to required standard with best quality.
  • We provide product with competitive price.
  • We do not leak or use customer’s private information for the wrong purpose. We abide to Vietnam Regulation for sale and customer right protection.
  • We will answer customer demand as soon as possible.
  • We strive to be honest to customers and always bring them the best benefits.
  • We offer free consultation for our products.
  • All our products are strictly investigated before sale.
  • We offer prompt support and solution in case of product defection or unseen problems in product delivery and usage.

Website usage regulation

When accessing our website, customers must be above 18 years old – enough age to approach, access and search information about our products, and have adequate civil right to enact transaction according to Vietnam Rule and Legislation.

Please visit our store directly if you want to buy our products.

When receiving website’s promotional benefit, customers must commit to provide true personal information (name, age (above 18), address, phone number, email. We are not liable, neither directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by customers not following Rule and Regulation.

The usage of any part of this website for commercial purpose or third party representation without our approval by document is forbidden. If any of these rules are violated, we will inform you with appropriate penalty.

Customer Feedback

We receive and consider all customer criticism.

Legal Rights

The terms, conditions and content of this website are governed by the Laws of Vietnam, and the competent Court in Vietnam will resolve any disputes arising from the unauthorized use of this website.

Dispute Resolution

Any controversy, claim or dispute arising out of, or related to, transactions on this website or these policies and regulations will be resolved by negotiation, conciliation, arbitration and/or Court. under the Consumer Protection Act.

Trademark and Copyright

All intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered), informational content and all design, text, graphics, software, images, video, music, sound, software compilation, the source code and the underlying software are our property.


For question and feedback please contact: 0902188790

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